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Prayers Connect is an initiative to connect muslims to their prayers by providing accurate salat (iqamah) times. We've developed this website (www.prayersconnect.com) and mobile apps for iOS and Android where a muslim can get iqamah times for all mosques at one place. We also have vision to make this as a single place for mosques to connect and communicate to its members. For example, if there is a Salat al-Janazah, mosque can easily broadcast this to everyone in the community using this app.


It's extremely difficult to know iqamah times in nearby mosques specially when we're traveling. Only a handful mosques have updated iqamah schedules but it's not very convenient to visit each website when you need to know find mosque and then visit website. Similar problems occur during season changes as iqamah times changes frequently at those times. Again, we live in a fast paced world where reliable and handy prayer times will be immensely useful.


We've taken a hybrid approach by combining human and computer. Our editorial team collects as much info as possible from different sources and puts those in our system. Then we've developed an algorithm to predict the iqamah times based on the information collected. We've also implemented system to input yearly iqamah schedules in our system. Once we get that from a mosque, we'll put that in our system and it'll provide correct iqamah times throughout the year.


While our algorithm works well, it has a few limitations. First of all it depends on the collected info. So if those are correct, it produces good estimations. There are some other limitations like human factors. While we're working to make it better, we want to achieve 100% accuracy and confidence. That's only possible if mosques provide iqamah schedules ahead of time.

How can you help?

There are many ways to contribute. We've some details on contribute page available on each mosque page. Here is the summary:

  • Provide Iqamah schedules - you can email the schedules to team@prayersconnect.com or update it through our mobile app.
  • Review mosque page and provide any missing info and/or correct any information that are not correct. Please fill up the questionnaire available on mosque contribution page to answer some basic questions
  • Share this effort with your members. The more people we get, the better it'll be as if one person contributes for each mosque, it will be enough for anyone going to that mosque.
  • Make dua for us so that Allah almighty accepts our efforts and make our jobs easy.

In future, we'll allow mosque to administer their pages. We'll communicate those in future.

Please email us to team@prayersconnect.com with any of your suggestions feedback concerns thoughts.

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