Your Companion For Prayers in Congregation

The only app that guides you to mosques & congregations wherever you travel!
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Your Companion For Prayers in Congregation

Your true companion to discover mosques and join the congregations.
The only app that guides you to mosques & congregations wherever you travel around the World!

Iqamah Countdown

Your homescreen is your constant reminder for next iqamah time. All you need is to favorite a mosque and Prayers Connect will do the rest.

Prayer Times For Your City

Not unique to Prayers Connect but your guide to beginning of each prayer times if you're praying home/alone

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Search Mosques

Type a point of interest (city, neighborhood or even address) to search mosques near that area. You can also search by 'Current Location' to see nearby mosques

Enormous Rewards

Our capacity is limited, our algorithm is not perfect but you can suggest iqamah times for your mosque and help other fellow muslims to perform in congregation

We're working hard to provide everything you need to remain connected to mosques and your prayers

Still More Features

Automatically list nearby mosques on home screen.

One touch registration with Google/Facebook, syncs your favorites.

Mosque admins can broadcast urgent announcements like Salat-al-janazah.

Submit suggestions about mosque, iqamah schedule

Follow mosques to get updated information about mosques

Discover nearby islamic events

Quick Video Overview

"It’s send push notification for prayer time and show the iqamah time on nearest mosque. Great work guys :)"

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- Reaz Patwary

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Never miss a jama'ah (congregation) again, insha-Allah

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