Foundation Quba

Schaafstraat 27-29, 1021 KD Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Foundation Quba is a Sunni mosque that was established in 2008. It is located in Amsterdam, North Holland. The mosque offers street parking for its visitors. Although information about the women's amenities is not available, the mosque provides a prayer space for everyone.

As one of the newer mosques in Amsterdam, Foundation Quba has become a beloved place of worship for the local Muslim community. Its establishment in 2008 reflects a growing need for a spiritual center in the area. Located in North Holland, the mosque provides a convenient location for individuals residing in and around Amsterdam.

Visitors to Foundation Quba can take advantage of the street parking available nearby. This ensures that individuals can easily access the mosque and attend prayer services without the hassle of searching for parking. Although details about the women's amenities are not provided, the mosque does offer a prayer space that is open to all.

Foundation Quba welcomes Muslims of all backgrounds and denominations. As a Sunni mosque, it follows the teachings and practices of the Sunni branch of Islam. With its modern infrastructure and welcoming atmosphere, the mosque aims to provide a peaceful and inclusive environment for individuals to seek spiritual solace and community connection.

Overall, Foundation Quba is a contemporary mosque in the heart of Amsterdam that caters to the needs of the local Muslim population. Established in 2008, it offers convenient parking facilities for visitors and prides itself on being a welcoming space for individuals of all backgrounds.


Foundation Quba




Schaafstraat 27-29, 1021 KD Amsterdam, Netherlands







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Saturday, April 20, 2024

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