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Masjid Manhattan is a Sunni mosque located in the heart of the Financial District in New York City. Established in 1970, this not-for-profit organization is conveniently situated just blocks away from Wall St, City Hall, and the World Trade Center. It has gained a reputation as one of the most famous and frequently visited mosques in the city.

The mosque offers various services and programs, including five daily prayers, Jumu'ah prayers, adult Quran (Tajweed) learning, and a Nikah (marriage) service. It also hosts a range of community events, fostering a sense of unity and connection among its members.

In terms of accessibility, the mosque provides separate prayer spaces for women and offers wheelchair amenities, ensuring that individuals with mobility challenges can participate in the religious activities comfortably. While parking details are unknown, the mosque is easily accessible through street parking in the area.

Masjid Manhattan has a strong focus on Da'wah, reaching out to non-Muslims and offering them an opportunity to learn about Islam. Through its Da'wah program, the mosque has become known as "The Castle of Da'wah," attracting many individuals who eventually embrace Islam.

With its rich history and central location, Masjid Manhattan serves as a welcoming place of worship and community for both locals and visitors alike. Embarking on its mission of outreach and education, it continues to provide spiritual guidance and a place of solace for Muslims in the heart of bustling New York City.


Masjid Manhattan




30 Cliff Street, New York, NY 10038


New York





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Saturday, February 24, 2024
Prayer NamePrayer TimeIqamah Time

Fajr الفجر

05:23 AM

05:38 AM

Sunrise الشروق

06:38 AM

Dhuhr الظهر‎

12:09 PM

01:15 PM

'Asr العصر‎

03:13 PM

03:28 PM

Sunset الغروب

05:41 PM

Maghrib المغرب‎

05:42 PM

05:42 PM

Isha' العشاء‎

06:56 PM

07:11 PM

Jumu'ah الجمعة‎

12:09 PM

01:05 PM

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