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Al Noor Mosque, also known as مسجد النور, is a Sunni mosque located in Chlef, Chlef Province. With its distinct architecture and tranquil atmosphere, it serves as a place of worship for the local Muslim community. The mosque, situated in a peaceful neighborhood, offers a serene environment for prayer and reflection.

Upon visiting Al Noor Mosque, you will notice its separate prayer space for women. This inclusive feature allows female worshippers to pray in a comfortable and private area. Additionally, the mosque provides dedicated facilities for women to perform Odhu, ensuring their convenience during their time of prayer.

While information regarding wheelchair amenities is currently unknown, the mosque's commitment to accessibility for all visitors is likely to extend beyond these details. This dedication may include provisions for wheelchair users, such as accessible prayer spaces, restrooms, and parking facilities. Please note that it is advisable to contact the mosque directly for updated information on wheelchair accessibility.

Al Noor Mosque is located in a vibrant area with street parking available nearby. Worshippers can easily access the mosque, making it convenient for those traveling by private vehicles. The mosque's serene ambiance and welcoming community create an inviting atmosphere for visitors from all walks of life.

In conclusion, Al Noor Mosque in Chlef, Chlef Province is a notable Sunni mosque that provides a welcoming environment for worshippers. With its separate prayer space for women and dedication to communal prayer facilities, the mosque aims to accommodate the diverse needs of its congregation. Whether you are seeking a place for spiritual solace, connection with the local Muslim community, or simply exploring the city, Al Noor Mosque is a peaceful haven worth visiting.


Al Noor Mosque




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