Mosque Masjid Alwadood

111 Church Street North, Orono, ON L0B 1M0, Canada

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About the Mosque

Mosque Masjid Alwadood is a Sunni mosque situated in Orono, Ontario. This mosque is dedicated to providing a place of worship and community for individuals who follow the Sunni denomination of Islam. Among the services offered, the mosque conducts its activities primarily in English, making it accessible to a wide range of people.

As for the location, Mosque Masjid Alwadood can be found in the heart of Orono. While more specific details about the location are not provided, the mosque is likely conveniently situated within the town, easily accessible by the community.

Regarding amenities, there is parking available along the street for worshippers visiting the mosque. This allows for a convenient and accessible experience for those attending prayers or other events. The mosque strives to provide an inclusive environment ensuring the needs of all visitors are met.

The mosque aims to accommodate individuals with physical disabilities by providing appropriate spaces for prayer and facilities. This dedication to inclusivity ensures that all members of the community, regardless of their physical abilities, can participate fully in the religious activities and services.

Overall, Mosque Masjid Alwadood in Orono, Ontario is a Sunni mosque that welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds to worship and engage in the community. With convenient street parking and an inclusive approach to accessibility, the mosque strives to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and connected. Whether one is fluent in English or new to the town, this mosque offers a safe and welcoming place for individuals to practice their faith.


Mosque Masjid Alwadood




111 Church Street North, Orono, ON L0B 1M0, Canada







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Prayers Schedule

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Thursday, May 23, 2024
Suhur03:57 AM
Sunrise05:40 AM
Sunset08:43 PM
Iftar08:44 PM
Prayer NamePrayer TimeIqamah Time
Fajr الفجر03:57 AM
03:57 AM
Dhuhr الظهر‎01:11 PM
01:35 PM
'Asr العصر‎05:15 PM
05:15 PM
Maghrib المغرب‎08:44 PM
08:44 PM
Isha' العشاء‎10:26 PM
10:26 PM
Jumu'ah الجمعة‎01:11 PM
01:30 PM

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