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The Mosque of Ibn Hattab is a Sunni mosque located in Chlef, Chlef Province. This beautiful mosque offers a peaceful place for worship and reflection.

As a Sunni mosque, it follows the teachings and practices of the Sunni denomination of Islam. The mosque provides a welcoming atmosphere for all who visit, regardless of their background or level of knowledge in Arabic, as Arabic is the primary language used for prayers and religious activities.

The Mosque of Ibn Hattab is conveniently situated in Chlef, making it easily accessible to the local community and visitors alike. While specific parking details are not available, it is likely that street parking is available in the vicinity of the mosque, ensuring convenience for those who come to pray and connect with the community.

For women, the mosque offers separate prayer spaces, providing a comfortable and private area for worship. Additionally, the mosque provides facilities for odhu, ensuring that women have the necessary amenities for ablution. Although the exact number of entrances is unknown, there are options available for women to enter the mosque easily. It is recommended to reach out to the mosque directly for specific information regarding wheelchair accessibility, prayer spaces, odhu facilities, parking, and toilets.

Overall, the Mosque of Ibn Hattab serves as a place of spirituality and community in Chlef. With its peaceful ambiance and devotion to inclusivity, it welcomes individuals of all backgrounds and provides an environment conducive to worship and connection with fellow worshippers.


Mosque of Ibn Hattab




5973+C2X, Chlef, Algeria







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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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