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The Central District Mosque, also known as مسجد الحي المركزي, is a Sunni mosque located in Ouenza, Tébessa Province. As a place of worship, it caters to the Arabic-speaking community in the area. Though not the only mosque in the city, it holds importance as a central hub for prayers and religious activities.

The mosque provides separate prayer spaces for women, ensuring privacy and comfort during their worship. Additionally, it offers dedicated facilities for women's Odhu, allowing them to perform ablution conveniently. It reflects the mosque's commitment to inclusivity and accommodating the needs of all worshippers.

As a community hub, the Central District Mosque serves as a place where people come together to practice their faith, find solace, and engage in acts of charity. It is a space that fosters unity and provides an opportunity for individuals to connect with their spirituality and build relationships with fellow worshippers.

Overall, the Central District Mosque in Ouenza, Tébessa Province is a Sunni mosque that strives to be a welcoming and accommodating place of worship for the local Arabic-speaking community. With separate prayer spaces for women and a commitment to inclusivity, it serves as a hub for the community to connect with their faith and each other.


Central District Mosque




X42F+J2C, N82, Ouenza, Algeria







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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

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