Photo: ali eltareb
Photo: ali eltareb
Photo: ali eltareb
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Al-Noor society was established in 1987 in Houston, Texas out of the need for a Islamic Center where the Ahle-Sunnah wal-Jama'at community can commemorate Islamic historic events, maintain the identity of Ahle-Sunnah wal-Jama'at in America, and pass on true Islamic beliefs and traditions to our next generations. By the grace of Allah, in Houston, Al-Noor was the only establishment provided these services.

Mosque Overview
Al-Noor Society of Houston

Today's Prayer Schedules
(Waqt and Iqamah)

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Fajr | الفجر
Begins 05:17 AM
Iqamah 05:25 AM
Dhuhr | الظهر‎
Begins 01:27 PM
Iqamah 01:00 PM
'Asr | العصر‎
Begins 05:04 PM
Iqamah 05:10 PM
Maghrib | المغرب‎
Begins 08:10 PM
Iqamah 08:10 PM
Isha | العشاء‎
Begins 09:31 PM
Iqamah 09:40 PM
Jumu'ah | الجمعة‎
Khutba 02:00 PM
Jumu'ah (2nd prayer) | الجمعة‎
Khutba 03:00 PM
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