General Information

Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk is a non-denominational mosque serving Muslims living in the City of Norwalk. We worship Allah (SWT) and follow the teachings of His beloved last Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him). Al Madany is a multi-cultural congregation reflecting the diversity of the Islamic ummah and its traditions. Our masjid is open to both men and women for worship. We operate an Islamic school on Sundays for children under to age of 16 to learn Quran and Islamic History. The masjid has good relations with other religious groups in Norwalk and is a proud member of the Norwalk Clergy Association.

Services: 5 Daily Prayers Weekend School for Kids Youth Halaqa (Boys) Youth Halaqa (Girls)
  • Name: Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk
  • Type: Mosque
  • Address: 1 Union Park S, Norwalk, CT 06850, USA
  • City/Locality, State: Norwalk, Delaware
  • Established: Unknown
  • Madhab (School of thought): Nondenominational
  • Language Services: Bangla, English, Hindi, Urdu
  • Local Date/Time Now Aug 26, 2019 06:33 AM
    (Timezone: America/New_York, Daylight Savings Time is in effect)
Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk


Odhu (wash)
  • Adequate Odhu (wash) facilities
  • Restrooms are available
  • Shower facility may not be available.
  • No information available regarding parking
  • Parking availability is unknown
Facilities for Women
  • Prayer space available in (curtain) shared prayer hall.
  • Odhu facilities may not be available.
  • Restrooms available.
  • Shared entrance.
Wheelchair accessiblity
  • Accessibility is unknown.
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