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Tyrkisk Kirke Randers is a Sunni mosque located in Randers, Denmark. With its welcoming atmosphere and focus on promoting Islamic teachings, it serves as a spiritual center for the local Muslim community. The mosque offers prayer facilities in Danish, ensuring that worshippers can connect with their faith in a language they are comfortable with.

For those who prefer a separate space, Tyrkisk Kirke Randers provides a dedicated prayer area for women. This allows female worshippers to participate in prayer activities in a more intimate and secluded environment. The mosque also ensures that the necessary amenities are available for women, such as a separate facility for ablution (washing before prayer) known as 'Odhu Facility'.

While information regarding wheelchair amenities is not explicitly stated, Tyrkisk Kirke Randers strives to accommodate the needs of all visitors. This ensures that appropriate arrangements can be made to cater to your specific needs during your visit.

Overall, Tyrkisk Kirke Randers is a mosque that endeavors to create a harmonious and inclusive environment for worshippers. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to Randers, the mosque offers a serene space for prayer and reflection. By embracing the principles of the Sunni denomination, Tyrkisk Kirke Randers promotes unity and understanding among the Muslim community and beyond.


Tyrkisk Kirke Randers




Østervold 2, 8900 Randers, Denmark







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Friday, May 24, 2024

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