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Photo: dr malik
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Photo: dr malik
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Isha' iqamah may be little late on Thursdays.

General Information

The vision of Masjid Alfalah is to preserve, implement, and disseminate Islamic knowledge, as well as nurturing and preparing our future leaders through sound, traditional understanding and learning. Masjid Alfalah is unique in that along with providing a beautiful sanctuary for worship, it also incorporates a higher educational institute. Masjid Alfalah serves as a community center for residents while Masjid Alfalah Seminary offers beginner through advanced classes in various Islamic sciences. We are grateful to Allah ﷻ to have a number of young, American born, qualified Islamic scholars on our staff in addition to enjoying the support of many ulama from across the nation.

Services: 5 Daily Prayers Adult Quran (Tajweed) Learning Eid Prayers Jumu'ah Prayers Nikah (Marriage) Service Personal Counseling Ṣalāt al-Janāzah (Funeral Prayer)
  • Name: Masjid Al-Falah
  • Type: Mosque
  • Address: 42-12 National St, Queens, NY 11368, USA
  • City/Locality, State: Queens, New York
  • Established: Unknown
  • Madhab (School of thought): Sunni
  • Language Services: English, Urdu
  • Local Date/Time Now Feb 22, 2020 08:40 AM
    (Timezone: America/New_York, Daylight Savings Time is not in effect)


Odhu (wash)
  • Adequate Odhu (wash) facilities
  • Restrooms are available
  • Shower facility may not be available.
  • Nearby streets parking only
  • Parking availability is difficult
Facilities for Women
  • Prayer facilities for women is not available.
Wheelchair accessiblity
  • Prayer area is accessible
  • Odhu area is accessible.
  • Restrooms may not be accessible.
  • Street parking may be accessible.
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