We are a mosque that welcomes anybody who seeks guidance from Allah and his last Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). We ask that if anyone likes to talk to us Muslims individually about Islam, feel free. If you want further help talk to the Mosque's committee members.

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Spartanburg Masjid

Today's Prayer Schedules
(Waqt and Iqamah)

Seems we do not have verified iqamah times for one or more prayers. Please help fellow muslims by submitting iqamah times. Submit Iqamah Times
Fajr | الفجر
Begins 05:22 AM
Iqamah 05:30 AM
Dhuhr | الظهر‎
Begins 01:34 PM
Iqamah 01:34 PM
'Asr | العصر‎
Begins 05:19 PM
Iqamah 05:25 PM
Maghrib | المغرب‎
Begins 08:28 PM
Iqamah 08:28 PM
Isha | العشاء‎
Begins 09:45 PM
Iqamah 09:55 PM
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Can I Help?