There are many ways you can contribute and help us getting better. By helping, you're actually helping our brothers and sisters in your community who are looking for these information.
Please check following sections how can help us and join this noble journey. You can send your general suggestions, feedback, thoughts, concerns etc. to

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Send us the monthly/yearly iqamah schedules. We'll put that in our system to show accurate and reliable time to everyone. Click on Submit Iqamah Schedules button below to send us the schedules.
Optionally, you can also download iqamah template, complete it and send it to us.
If you don't have monthly/yearly schedules, you can update daily iqamah times using mobile apps.

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Become a Mosque Editor

Pray regularly in Ar-Rahman Islamic Center and/or involved in administration? Consider becoming an editor for your mosque.
Editors will be able to update information like iqamah changes, events, general notices directly and (in future) will be able to broadcast messages to it's followers

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We've given our best efforts to collect as much as useful information about mosques as we could. We've also tried to ensure their authenticity and relevancy. But, there are only so much we can do with our limited resources.
However, with help from people like you, we can provide useful, correct and relevant info regarding every mosques we've in our system. Please join our hands and help us within your capacity so that we can take our efforts to next level.
We pray to allah (and please do pray for us too) that allah accepts your contributions and give you better rewards here and hereafter.
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