Photo: Sajeer Veetil
Photo: Kashif Bhatti
Photo: Kassab Mkum
Photo: Sajeer Veetil
Photo: Sajeer Veetil
Photo: Ghith Jeddin
The Islamic Cultural Association was founded by a group of families who hoped to establish an Islamic community that modeled their beliefs and values. In 1987, the community purchased the Franklin Building and moved to its present location. Two years later, it established the prestigious Huda School which has flourished over the years, alhamdulillah. The ICA created a weekend Arabic School, Dar-al Huda. The ICA has continued to grow and expand, offering its members an Islamic environment where they can feel at home and raise their children with hearts at ease.

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Islamic Cultural Association

Today's Prayer Schedules
(Waqt and Iqamah)

Fajr | الفجر
Begins 05:10 AM
Iqamah 05:45 AM Verified
Dhuhr | الظهر‎
Begins 01:38 PM
Iqamah 02:00 PM Verified
'Asr | العصر‎
Begins 05:31 PM
Iqamah 06:30 PM Verified
Maghrib | المغرب‎
Begins 08:39 PM
Iqamah 08:45 PM Verified
Isha | العشاء‎
Begins 10:06 PM
Iqamah 10:15 PM Verified
Jumu'ah | الجمعة‎
Khutba 01:15 PM Verified
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