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General Information

The Imam Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation is an international, religious, charitable institution established by the Late Ayatullah Seyyid Abulqasim Al-Khoei seventeen years ago. The New York Center is one of the branches of the Foundation which has its headquarters based in the United Kingdom. The present building of the center was opened on 15th Shabaan 1409 A.H. (March 25,1989) in order to meet the religious needs of the Muslim community in United States. The religious programs are conducted in this Center in various languages: Arabic, Urdu, Persian and of course English. Center includes a library, conference room, prayer and funeral facilities.

Services: 5 Daily Prayers Family Counseling Jumu'ah Prayers Marriage Counseling Personal Counseling Ṣalāt al-Janāzah (Funeral Prayer)
  • Name: Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation
  • Type: Mosque
  • Address: 89-89 Van Wyck Express Way, Jamaica, NY 11435, USA
  • City/Locality, State: Queens, New York
  • Established: 1989
  • Madhab (School of thought): Shiajafari
  • Language Services: English
  • Local Date/Time Now Feb 24, 2020 07:49 PM
    (Timezone: America/New_York, Daylight Savings Time is not in effect)
Al-Khoei Benevolent Foundation


Odhu (wash)
  • Adequate Odhu (wash) facilities
  • Restrooms are available
  • Shower facility may not be available.
  • Nearby streets parking only
  • Parking is sometime available
Facilities for Women
  • Prayer space available in completely separate prayer hall.
  • Odhu facilities available.
  • Restrooms available.
  • Shared entrance.
Wheelchair accessiblity
  • Prayer area is accessible
  • Odhu area accessibility is unknown.
  • Restrooms may not be accessible.
  • Street parking may be accessible.
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