Photo: Badr Alzaidi
Photo: Aman Sufi
Photo: Badr Alzaidi

General Information

Islamic Center of Triad (Masjid Al Quds) is committed to the Islamic way of life based on the Qur’an and life example of Prophet Muhammad. We serve as a center for religious development, social, educational, economic, and cultural enrichment. We believe in the Oneness of God (Allah) and the oneness of humanity. We are committed to promoting excellence in community life and human dignity throughout our neighborhoods, city, country, and global community. The Islamic Center of Triad (Masjid Al Quds) was legally established in May 1982, at its original Merritt drive location, the Center is a Non-Profit, Educational, Religious and Humanitarian Organization, beginning with a very small group of Muslims, having only 4 people gather for the first Jumu’ah service.

Services: 5 Daily Prayers Nikah (Marriage) Service Two Jumu'ah Prayers Ṣalāt al-Janāzah (Funeral Prayer)
  • Name: Masjid Al Quds (Islamic Center of the Triad)
  • Type: Mosque
  • Address: 1203 Frances Daily Ct, Greensboro, NC 27409, USA
  • City/Locality, State: Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Established: 1982
  • Madhab (School of thought): Sunni
  • Language Services: English
  • Local Date/Time Now Nov 20, 2019 07:24 PM
    (Timezone: America/New_York, Daylight Savings Time is not in effect)
Masjid Al Quds (Islamic Center of the Triad)


Odhu (wash)
  • Adequate Odhu (wash) facilities
  • Restrooms are available
  • Shower facility may not be available.
  • On-premise parking available
  • Parking may be easily available
Facilities for Women
  • Prayer space available in completely separate prayer hall.
  • Odhu facilities available.
  • Restrooms available.
  • Shared entrance.
Wheelchair accessiblity
  • Accessibility is unknown.
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