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The Kordhoca Mosque, also known as Xhamia Kordhocë, is a Sunni mosque located in Kordhocë, Gjirokastër County. It is a place of worship for Albanian speakers. The mosque offers separate prayer spaces for women and has facilities for them to perform ablution. While information about wheelchair amenities is not provided, the mosque offers a parking space on the street for general visitors. Specific details about wheelchair accessibility and toilet facilities are not available.

The Kordhoca Mosque stands as a peaceful place of prayer and reflection within the community. It welcomes worshippers who follow the Sunni denomination of Islam. The mosque's serene atmosphere provides a tranquil environment for individuals to connect with their faith.

For women who visit the Kordhoca Mosque, there is a dedicated prayer space where they can engage in their religious practices separately. The availability of an Odhu facility ensures that they have a designated area to perform ablution before prayer. This convenience accommodates the specific needs of female worshippers.

Although information regarding wheelchair accessibility is unknown, the Kordhoca Mosque provides a parking area on the street for worshippers and visitors. This feature ensures that individuals can access the mosque conveniently without the concern of finding parking space in the vicinity.


Kordhoca Mosque




352C+8X7, Kordhocë, Albania







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Sunday, May 19, 2024

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