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Leskovik Mosque, also known as Xhamia Leskovik, is a Sunni mosque located in the beautiful town of Leskovik, situated in Korçë County. Offering a spiritual sanctuary, this mosque serves as a place of worship for the Sunni community in the region. With its distinct Albanian architectural style, it stands as a symbol of religious harmony and cultural heritage.

The Leskovik Mosque provides separate prayer spaces for men and women, ensuring privacy and comfort for all worshippers. Additionally, it offers designated prayer areas for women, giving them a peaceful environment to connect with their faith. Moreover, the mosque features a dedicated facility for ablution (Odhu), providing convenience for the worshippers.

Although the availability of wheelchair amenities is unknown, the Leskovik Mosque aims to be accessible and inclusive to all individuals. Located in a convenient street location, it offers easy access for visitors who prefer to use private vehicles. Moreover, its serene atmosphere and traditional architecture create a calm and tranquil environment for everyone.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Leskovik and experience the spiritual ambience of this Sunni mosque. With its commitment to fostering unity and providing accommodations for worshippers, the Leskovik Mosque warmly welcomes locals and tourists alike. Whether you are a devout Muslim seeking a place of worship or simply interested in exploring the cultural significance of the region, the Leskovik Mosque is an ideal destination for reflection, peace, and appreciation.


Leskovik Mosque




5H2W+PP7, Leskovik, Albania







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