This mosque is open for Jumu’ah prayers only.

General Information

Dergah al-Farah is a Sufi lodge (tekke, khanqah, zawiyya) in Tribeca (Lower Manhattan of New York City). It is a gathering place of initiates (dervishes) of the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Community (Sufi Order) led by Shaykha Fariha al-Jerrahi. The ceremony of remembrance is held at the dergah on Thursday evenings at 8pm. We joyfully welcome seekers and students of all religious paths into our gatherings. During the week the lodge is a private gathering place for dervishes of the order and we are NOT open for the five daily prayers. The dergah also houses the offices for Pir Press and the MOHL Archive Foundation. We do however have ongoing events that are open to the public (religious celebrations or events program). Please refer to our calendar for the latest information, follow us on twitter or signup for our dergah events program to stay tuned. We are located in Tribeca, Manhattan, near the Holland Tunnel. Take the A,C,E subway train to Canal Street, or the 1 subway train to Franklin Street.

Services: Two Jumu'ah Prayers
  • Name: Dergah al-Farah
  • Type: Mosque
  • Address: 245 West Broadway, New York, NY 10013
  • City/Locality, State: New York, New York
  • Established: Unknown
  • Madhab (School of thought): Sufi
  • Language Services: English
  • Local Date/Time Now Dec 07, 2019 08:43 AM
    (Timezone: America/New_York, Daylight Savings Time is not in effect)


Odhu (wash)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Shower facility may not be available.
  • Nearby streets parking only
  • Parking is sometime available
Facilities for Women
  • Prayer facilities for women is unknown.
Wheelchair accessiblity
  • Not accessible by wheelchair.
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