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Photo: Abdul Sami
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Photo: Munir Safi
Photo: Munir Safi


General The Islamic Society of East Bay is open for the five daily prayers in the courtyard. Come with wudu, wear a face mask at all times, bring a prayer rug, and remain six feet apart from others (this also means no physical touching of any kind especially handshakes).
Islamic Society of East Bay (ISEB) is a nonprofit organization which holds the tenets of Islam as in the Holy Quran, and the practices of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). ISEB dedicates itself to organize religious, educational and social activities for Muslims and communities at large.

Mosque Overview
Islamic Society of East Bay

Today's Prayer Schedules
(Waqt and Iqamah)

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Fajr | الفجر
Begins 05:44 AM
Iqamah 05:50 AM
Dhuhr | الظهر‎
Begins 01:00 PM
Iqamah 01:00 PM
'Asr | العصر‎
Begins 04:27 PM
Iqamah 04:35 PM
Maghrib | المغرب‎
Begins 07:05 PM
Iqamah 07:05 PM
Isha | العشاء‎
Begins 08:16 PM
Iqamah 08:25 PM
Jumu'ah | الجمعة‎
Khutba 01:05 PM
Jumu'ah (2nd prayer) | الجمعة‎
Khutba 02:30 PM
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Can I Help?