Photo: Hanan Aljamal
Photo: Hanan Aljamal
The goal of Andalusia Islamic Center Dawah Committee is to inform and educate the community about Islam and Muslims. In order to address widespread misconception it is necessary to engage in the dialogues, build bridges of understanding and get involved in the outer community. Located in Westchester County, the Andalusia Islamic Center is the newest and largest Islamic community in the Yonkers area. We are a community of believers adhering to the Quran and the life traditions of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessing Be Upon Him).

Mosque Overview
Andalusia Islamic Center (Andalusia Islamic School)

Today's Prayer Schedules
(Waqt and Iqamah)

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Fajr | الفجر
Begins 04:28 AM
Iqamah 04:45 AM
Dhuhr | الظهر‎
Begins 01:02 PM
Iqamah 01:30 PM
'Asr | العصر‎
Begins 06:01 PM
Iqamah 06:30 PM
Maghrib | المغرب‎
Begins 08:07 PM
Iqamah 08:07 PM
Isha | العشاء‎
Begins 09:34 PM
Iqamah 10:00 PM
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Can I Help?