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Daugavgrīva, Riga, Latvia Ramadan Schedules For2024

* First and the last day of Ramadan may vary depending on moon-sighting!

DateRamadanSuhur End & FajrIftar & Maghrib
Monday, March 11 *104:41 AM06:20 PM
Tuesday, March 12204:38 AM06:22 PM
Wednesday, March 13304:35 AM06:25 PM
Thursday, March 14404:32 AM06:27 PM
Friday, March 15504:29 AM06:29 PM
Saturday, March 16604:26 AM06:31 PM
Sunday, March 17704:23 AM06:33 PM
Monday, March 18804:19 AM06:35 PM
Tuesday, March 19904:16 AM06:37 PM
Wednesday, March 201004:13 AM06:40 PM
Thursday, March 211104:10 AM06:42 PM
Friday, March 221204:06 AM06:44 PM
Saturday, March 231304:03 AM06:46 PM
Sunday, March 241404:00 AM06:48 PM
Monday, March 251503:56 AM06:50 PM
Tuesday, March 261603:53 AM06:52 PM
Wednesday, March 271703:49 AM06:55 PM
Thursday, March 281803:46 AM06:57 PM
Friday, March 291903:42 AM06:59 PM
Saturday, March 302003:39 AM07:01 PM
Sunday, March 312104:35 AM08:03 PM
Monday, April 12204:31 AM08:05 PM
Tuesday, April 22304:28 AM08:07 PM
Wednesday, April 32404:24 AM08:10 PM
Thursday, April 42504:20 AM08:12 PM
Friday, April 52604:16 AM08:14 PM
Saturday, April 62704:12 AM08:16 PM
Sunday, April 72804:08 AM08:18 PM
Monday, April 82904:04 AM08:20 PM
Tuesday, April 9 *3004:00 AM08:22 PM