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Port-Gentil, Ogooué-Maritime Province, Gabon Ramadan Schedules For2025

* First and the last day of Ramadan may vary depending on moon-sighting!

DateRamadanSuhur End & FajrIftar & Maghrib
Saturday, March 1 *105:24 AM06:42 PM
Sunday, March 2205:24 AM06:42 PM
Monday, March 3305:24 AM06:41 PM
Tuesday, March 4405:24 AM06:41 PM
Wednesday, March 5505:24 AM06:41 PM
Thursday, March 6605:23 AM06:41 PM
Friday, March 7705:23 AM06:40 PM
Saturday, March 8805:23 AM06:40 PM
Sunday, March 9905:23 AM06:40 PM
Monday, March 101005:23 AM06:40 PM
Tuesday, March 111105:23 AM06:39 PM
Wednesday, March 121205:22 AM06:39 PM
Thursday, March 131305:22 AM06:39 PM
Friday, March 141405:22 AM06:38 PM
Saturday, March 151505:22 AM06:38 PM
Sunday, March 161605:21 AM06:38 PM
Monday, March 171705:21 AM06:37 PM
Tuesday, March 181805:21 AM06:37 PM
Wednesday, March 191905:21 AM06:37 PM
Thursday, March 202005:20 AM06:37 PM
Friday, March 212105:20 AM06:36 PM
Saturday, March 222205:20 AM06:36 PM
Sunday, March 232305:19 AM06:36 PM
Monday, March 242405:19 AM06:35 PM
Tuesday, March 252505:19 AM06:35 PM
Wednesday, March 262605:19 AM06:35 PM
Thursday, March 272705:18 AM06:34 PM
Friday, March 282805:18 AM06:34 PM
Saturday, March 292905:18 AM06:34 PM
Sunday, March 30 *3005:17 AM06:33 PM